Bay Crossings


Ferry Bocce Schedule for Early Summer 2019



Week #DateStart TimeTeam 1Team 2CourtResults
1 [Regular Season]5/215:15 PMThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.HSBoCceEastN/A
1 [Regular Season]5/215:15 PMNothing is ImbocceballBocc It Like It's HotWestN/A
1 [Regular Season]5/216:15 PMBocceholicsTrikeCuriousEastN/A
1 [Regular Season]5/216:15 PMRolling BallzGoing CoastalWestN/A
1 [Regular Season]5/217:15 PMPenn State Nittany LionzThe Big LeBocceWestN/A
1 [Regular Season]5/217:15 PMfrom the foul line to the wallWaterfront WarriorsEastN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/45:15 PMPenn State Nittany LionzWaterfront WarriorsEastN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/45:15 PMfrom the foul line to the wallThe Big LeBocceWestN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/46:15 PMThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.Bocc It Like It's HotWestN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/46:15 PMNothing is ImbocceballHSBoCceEastN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/47:15 PMBocceholicsGoing CoastalWestN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/47:15 PMRolling BallzTrikeCuriousEastN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/115:15 PMTrikeCuriousGoing CoastalEastN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/115:15 PMRolling BallzBocceholicsWestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/116:15 PMPenn State Nittany Lionzfrom the foul line to the wallWestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/116:15 PMWaterfront WarriorsThe Big LeBocceEastN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/117:15 PMNothing is ImbocceballThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.WestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/117:15 PMBocc It Like It's HotHSBoCceEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/185:15 PMThe Big LeBocceThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.WestN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/185:15 PMWaterfront WarriorsNothing is ImbocceballEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/186:15 PMBocceholicsHSBoCceWestN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/186:15 PMRolling BallzBocc It Like It's HotEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/187:15 PMPenn State Nittany LionzTrikeCuriousEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/187:15 PMfrom the foul line to the wallGoing CoastalWestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/255:15 PMPenn State Nittany LionzGoing CoastalWestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/255:15 PMfrom the foul line to the wallTrikeCuriousEastN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/256:15 PMThe Big LeBocceNothing is ImbocceballEastN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/256:15 PMWaterfront WarriorsThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.WestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/257:15 PMBocceholicsBocc It Like It's HotEastN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/257:15 PMRolling BallzHSBoCceWestN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/25:15 PMBocceholicsThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.WestN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/25:15 PMRolling BallzNothing is ImbocceballEastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/26:15 PMPenn State Nittany LionzBocc It Like It's HotEastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/26:15 PMfrom the foul line to the wallHSBoCceWestN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/27:15 PMThe Big LeBocceGoing CoastalWestN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/27:15 PMWaterfront WarriorsTrikeCuriousEastN/A


Week #DateStart TimeTeam 1Team 2CourtResults
1 [Regular Season]5/225:15 PMDogpatch HowlersTropic ThunderEast13-11
1 [Regular Season]5/225:15 PMBoccecratsBay City RollersWest2-13
1 [Regular Season]5/226:15 PMR+F BocceYou Bet Your BocceEast13-9
1 [Regular Season]5/226:15 PMVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceThe Mean High TidesWest8-13
1 [Regular Season]5/227:15 PMSeven PostClark Blue SteelWest13-0
1 [Regular Season]5/227:15 PMGuy CarpenterIn-The-Money Baller$$East9-13
2 [Regular Season]6/55:15 PMSeven PostIn-The-Money Baller$$EastN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/55:15 PMGuy CarpenterClark Blue SteelWestN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/56:15 PMBay City RollersDogpatch HowlersWestN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/56:15 PMBoccecratsTropic ThunderEastN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/57:15 PMThe Mean High TidesYou Bet Your BocceWestN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/57:15 PMVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceR+F BocceEastN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/125:15 PMBay City RollersTropic ThunderEastN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/125:15 PMBoccecratsDogpatch HowlersWestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/126:15 PMThe Mean High TidesR+F BocceEastN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/126:15 PMVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceYou Bet Your BocceWestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/127:15 PMSeven PostGuy CarpenterWestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/127:15 PMClark Blue SteelIn-The-Money Baller$$EastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/195:15 PMBay City RollersYou Bet Your BocceWestN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/195:15 PMBoccecratsR+F BocceEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/196:15 PMIn-The-Money Baller$$The Mean High TidesWestN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/196:15 PMSeven PostVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/197:15 PMDogpatch HowlersGuy CarpenterEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/197:15 PMTropic ThunderClark Blue SteelWestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/265:15 PMBay City RollersR+F BocceEastN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/265:15 PMBoccecratsYou Bet Your BocceWestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/266:15 PMClark Blue SteelThe Mean High TidesEastN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/266:15 PMGuy CarpenterVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceWestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/267:15 PMDogpatch HowlersSeven PostWestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/267:15 PMTropic ThunderIn-The-Money Baller$$EastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/35:15 PMR+F BocceSeven PostEastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/35:15 PMTropic ThunderGuy CarpenterWestN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/36:15 PMBoccecratsClark Blue SteelWestN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/36:15 PMVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceBay City RollersEastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/37:15 PMDogpatch HowlersThe Mean High TidesEastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/37:15 PMYou Bet Your BocceIn-The-Money Baller$$WestN/A


Week #DateStart TimeTeam 1Team 2CourtResults
1 [Regular Season]5/235:15 PMNo Balls to the WallHart HowertonWestN/A
1 [Regular Season]5/235:15 PMParamountCoit GroupEastN/A
1 [Regular Season]5/236:15 PMTreasure HuntersDrunk Since 1896EastN/A
1 [Regular Season]5/236:15 PMBand of BocceDream SteamWestN/A
1 [Regular Season]5/237:15 PMPerfect StrangersPantera CapitalWestN/A
1 [Regular Season]5/237:15 PMDeboccery on the high seasLegal De-Bocce-ryEastN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/65:15 PMTreasure HuntersDream SteamWestN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/65:15 PMBand of BocceDrunk Since 1896EastN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/66:15 PMHart HowertonLegal De-Bocce-ryEastN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/66:15 PMPantera CapitalCoit GroupWestN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/67:15 PMPerfect StrangersParamountEastN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/67:15 PMDeboccery on the high seasNo Balls to the WallWestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/135:15 PMNo Balls to the WallLegal De-Bocce-ryEastN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/135:15 PMPantera CapitalParamountWestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/136:15 PMDrunk Since 1896Dream SteamEastN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/136:15 PMBand of BocceTreasure HuntersWestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/137:15 PMPerfect StrangersCoit GroupWestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/137:15 PMDeboccery on the high seasHart HowertonEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/205:15 PMTreasure HuntersPantera CapitalWestN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/205:15 PMBand of BocceCoit GroupEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/206:15 PMPerfect StrangersHart HowertonEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/206:15 PMDeboccery on the high seasParamountWestN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/207:15 PMDrunk Since 1896No Balls to the WallEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/207:15 PMDream SteamLegal De-Bocce-ryWestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/275:15 PMDrunk Since 1896Hart HowertonEastN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/275:15 PMNo Balls to the WallParamountWestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/276:15 PMPerfect StrangersLegal De-Bocce-ryWestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/276:15 PMDeboccery on the high seasDream SteamEastN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/277:15 PMTreasure HuntersCoit GroupEastN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/277:15 PMBand of BoccePantera CapitalWestN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/115:15 PMDream SteamHart HowertonEastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/115:15 PMLegal De-Bocce-ryPantera CapitalWestN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/116:15 PMCoit GroupDrunk Since 1896WestN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/116:15 PMPerfect StrangersDeboccery on the high seasEastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/117:15 PMTreasure HuntersNo Balls to the WallWestN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/117:15 PMBand of BocceParamountEastN/A


Week #DateStart TimeTeam 1Team 2CourtResults
1 [Regular Season]5/2312:05 PMThe Port King TidesAutodeskEast10-13
1 [Regular Season]5/2312:05 PMB-RollersTap to PlayWest11-7
1 [Regular Season]5/2312:50 PMNew Kids on the BocceFuhgetabocceEast11-8
2 [Regular Season]6/612:05 PMThe Port King TidesFuhgetabocceWestN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/612:05 PMB-RollersNew Kids on the BocceEastN/A
2 [Regular Season]6/612:50 PMTap to PlayAutodeskEastN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/1312:05 PMB-RollersThe Port King TidesWestN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/1312:05 PMTap to PlayFuhgetabocceEastN/A
3 [Regular Season]6/1312:50 PMNew Kids on the BocceAutodeskEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/2012:05 PMThe Port King TidesAutodeskWestN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/2012:05 PMB-RollersTap to PlayEastN/A
4 [Regular Season]6/2012:50 PMNew Kids on the BocceFuhgetabocceEastN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/2712:05 PMThe Port King TidesFuhgetabocceEastN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/2712:05 PMB-RollersNew Kids on the BocceWestN/A
5 [Regular Season]6/2712:50 PMTap to PlayAutodeskEastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/1112:05 PMB-RollersThe Port King TidesEastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/1112:05 PMTap to PlayFuhgetabocceEastN/A
6 [Regular Season]7/1112:50 PMNew Kids on the BocceAutodeskEastN/A